In the IT world Disaster Recovery means disaster recovery (i.e. the time after a disaster in which your data will be available again). This is a pre-prepared scenario that leads to the restoration of the operation to a normally functioning state (even after a fatal hardware or software failure caused by a human factor, natural disaster or other failure).

Preparing the correct Disaster Recovery screenplay is not trivial, as it should be verified correct by restoring the entire IT infrastructure in another location, which in itself means a high cost and time of work of IT specialists. The preparation of this plan is fundamentally influenced by the appropriately chosen backup software.

Based on many years of experience, we mainly use Acronis software for these purposes, which is suitable for any enterprise solution, or the Veeam backup tool.

Back up on time, i.e. one day before rather than after a crash or cyberattack. We will be happy to prepare and present the most suitable solution for you.